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Teamtech is a modus operandi that translates advanced technology into comfort and safety.

For over fifty years we have been working in the field of plant engineering and living comfort. We have been training and evolving through innovation and technology, because we think they are formidable tools for the purpose of safety, long-lasting reliability over time, and of comfort, achieved through the lowest environmental impact.

We design and install systems of energy production from renewable sources, winter and summer air conditioning systems, electrical and smart automation systems.

Our Teamtech staff ensures advice in every executive phase of the construction, and guarantees result, maintenance and final certification. Teamtech directs customers to the best opportunities in the field of tax breaks for the energy efficiency of buildings, including the solar thermal account, the 65% eco-bonus and the 110% eco-bonus. It creates living comfort solutions for private residential buildings, shopping and production centres, using renewable energy sources as a concrete solution for air conditioning, heating and electricity production systems.

The functional and technical quality of the works we have created is realized in harmonious and beautiful solutions, adequately inserted in their reference context. Our steady professional development is always aimed at the future and innovation, because all Teamtech creations aim for the highest quality, aesthetics and functionality, for state-of-the-art valuable systems, which shall be environmentally sustainable and efficient over time. Relying on Teamtech means having a staff of experts who will guide you in the creation of your green living comfort from A to Z.

Our future is innovation at the service of your living comfort.
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We are business partners of important companies in our branch, such as: Hitachi, Haeir, Paradigma, Buderus, Tesla, Vimar, Combivox, Xvision, Sunpower, Qcells.



How to make your home Eco-sustainable?

πŸ€ There is much talk about #greenhome and #eco-sustainability for homes. But what does such a design choice really involve? πŸ€ Is it enough to add a solar panel system on the roof to obtain the #superbonus 110% in force?

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Bonus 110: leading or trailing interventions?

🏠 Did you know that the # replacement of the # heatgenerator is one of the so-called leading interventions? The Italian Decree Decreto Rilancio provides for two kinds of intervention: πŸ‘‰ the #leading interventions, which are necessary to obtain the 110% deduction and prescribe some minimum requirements, and the πŸ‘‰trailing interventions, which can obtain the increased tax deduction only if carried out at the same time as the leading ones. πŸ‘‰If you want to know whether you can obtain the #taxbreaks of the #superbonus110 for your single-family home, rely on Teamtech - energy, comfort, safety, a professional staff of branch experts.

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How to make your home smart!

Find out why it's the right time to make your #home smart. Thanks to remote control systems, #DOMOTICS is a valuable tool to improve your #living #comfort and contributes to reducing the energy consumption in your home. By increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the systems, it makes you save on energy purchase costs, so much that it can be part of the #energetic #redevelopment interventions of the # superbonus110.

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